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Understanding the Audio Mixer

Basic training course for sound engineers: Learn how to operate sound systems
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13 June 2009

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Owing to the technicalities involved in various sound systems, rookies in sound engineering often go through difficulties during their basic training period. However, if you have been facing such troubles, then there is absolutely no need to loose your heart as Understanding the Audio Mixer 1.06b is there too guide you through. It’s a commendable training course for beginners in sound studio engineers, church sound operators, band sound engineers, and anyone who wants to learn operating an expert concert sound system. It comprises of six chapters containing video training that explains how to effectively set up a live band and have a sound check by using medium-sized sound system. The training course is easy to understand and follow due to its interactive approach.

The Understanding the Audio Mixer 1.06b training course comprises of size chapters dealing with Sound system components; setting up the system; connecting audio components; testing the system; performing the band sound check; and using submixes (groups), Pre and Post Fader, AUX. Controls, and Inserts. It utilizes virtual band containing guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, and vocals as models for demonstrating the effective way of keeping a setup, sound check, along with the performance to go smooth. It takes the user through the required steps for positioning microphones, and placing monitor and main speakers. Further, you learn connecting microphones mixer and snake to power speakers and amplifiers, and connecting powered speakers. Following these ‘gain stage’ system, eliminating feedback, and equalizing instruments are in queue. And finally it leads you to the basics for getting a great mix. In addition to these, it also addresses connecting and using effects processors and graphic equalizers.

In all, Understanding the Audio Mixer 1.06b training video guide comes across as an extremely interactive utility which helps you to learn sound system operations and is tailored to be compatible with mixing boards from major manufacturers. Considering its interactivity and the entire detailed information relating sound systems and audio mixing, the training guide has been assigned with 4 rating points.

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Basic training course for sound engineers: Learn how to operate sound systems. This training course is excellent for all beginning and upcoming sound reinforcement or studio engineers. Great for band sound engineers, church sound operators, and everyone who wishes to learn how to operate a professional concert sound system.
Understanding the Audio Mixer
Understanding the Audio Mixer
Version 1.06
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